Interior Design Solutions: serving Wailea, Kapalua, Lahaina or island wide for Commercial & Residential projects.

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14 Pu’u Ehu Pl.
Kahului, HI 96732

(808) 891-8800 Kihei, Wailea

(808) 669-8800 Kapalua, Lahaina

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We listen and look at the design challenge then supply a detailed Specification book and Spreadsheets for the Scope of Work, estimated cost, and product descriptions necessary to complete the project.


Interior Design Solution Maui has designed its website so you can feel the love we have for our Islands and see the knowledge we exhibit through fabric, furniture, and materials selections.  Warm pinks and Earth browns beside cool Mountain greens and Pacific blues are placed in all our designs to let you know that you are living in a special place every day.  Our window treatments allow the night breezes to give you that special feeling every night.

There is a rhythm to life in the Islands that takes years to find and sync with.  It can’t be taken from a picture book or website and it certainly can’t be captured by sticking palm fronds and beach scenes on the walls. The air is different here too, you can feel it when you step off the plane and it caresses your skin, you can see the difference in colors that the air quality makes.  Shadows are softer and edges are a little blurry as the salt air surrounds you.

In the beach front communities like Wailea, Kihei, Lahaina, Kapalua, Kuau and Haiku the ocean and its light affects every design element from the fabrics on the furniture to paint colors.  Stone, wood, metal, glass all play important roles in giving a design the Hawaiian feel and look that say Tropical  and not Maine coast.  Using a local Interior Designer versus someone who works in the mainland can make the difference between a “Hawaiian Style” feel for a property to a “Florida” or “Southern California” feel.

ASID designers use all the same products when they put the design together but the special qualities here on Maui and in Hawaii with the outdoor being so important to a design that can’t be taught in a college class.  You have to live here and become acclimated to the Hawaiian Style of bringing the outdoors inside with every design decision.

Interior Design Solutions
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